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March 2020 / FMI records has the great pleasure to present you the new electronic jazzy and ultrasuave EP of CHATEAU LAMOTTE " Romy ForeveR ". You can discover it on every major music platforms.

With love from FMI.



FMI first EP of FOUNET called "Mouthfull" - tons of truth that have to be said



COOL RIDER is a conceptual EP proposed by CHATEAU LAMOTTE.

A very special musical relaxation experience to pass through traffic jams.


/ FMI records has the great pleasure to present CHOPPER's first album called waterplane, the metaphorical expression of a journey from water towards air and air towards water. CHOPPER tells us stories of love, and lack of love. The love of women, of earth and universe.

 Waterplane is a melancholy album like the Pink Floyd of the seventies and energetic like the music of the 80s. But Waterplane is mostly an album of our present time, expressing the fears of our age, without ever losing a sense of humor. Life is a game.



Videos from the album  Waterplane


SHINING is the second album of CHATEAU LAMOTTE. It is a musical research and a physical exploration of the synthetic world of today. Shining  (in the way of illumination, revelation) talks about the importance of music for the music, the positive contribution of this one on the world that surrounds us. Musical production is an exceptionally complicated and enriching quest. It is true that they try to always push further the confrontation between their personalities, so different and at the same time complementary. This album, in addition to a series of timeless electronic music tracks, is enriched by a collaboration with American DJ Harrison Crump.



ULTRARENAISSANCE is CHATEAU LAMOTTE's first album containing the hit “Glory me” remixed by Roy Davis Junior. This LP represents a collection of large-scale musical works that are still relevant today with a strong hallmark in the world of electronic music.