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a recording and mastering studio for all sounds and visual audio productions.


July 2020 / FMI presents the new single and new video of CHOPPER

"Focus on Sadness"

September 2020 / FMI records presents Founet,  a brand new belgian project from the producers and performers of Ganesha, Double B, Karma and Château Lamotte. Between calm, voluptuousness and violence of the traces of existence, Founet extends through the head like a cloud of possession of the senses. Their work of harmonies conveys the musical culture of the great composers of jazz and deep house.

Founet new EP "Ultime Voyage" out now on the main platforms in the world.

December 2020 / FMI records presents the new E.P. of Chateau Lamotte

"L' Étoile du Berger" (Evening Star) recorded during this strange period of our life.

This E.P. title is plenty symbolic. How could we find our way without light? How could we relax without deep breath? The two original tracks are made of hypnotic and relaxing pulses, real good deep house, perfect for the small, dimly lit nightclub (or living rooms). The influences of jazz music can be found in the compositions.

For this last opus, Chateau Lamotte invited Robert Clinton (from Chopper) for a crazy punchy "Deep breath" radio edit and a cosmic radio edit of "The Light ». Ricky Minaje (from Founet) for his part ends this amazing E.P. with an tremendous extended version of «The Light» and a shiny version of « Deep Breath ».

Enjoy.on the main platforms in the world.

April 2021 / FMI records presents the new E.P. of FOUNET

Bells of Harmony / the Slow Funk

is an Extended Play grouping together 2 titles dealing with the climate emergency and the current world situation as major themes of reflection for contemporary poets. A direct and daily commitment allowed the realization of these 2 titles and their remixes as a performance in the present time without considering the prohibitions and the single thought. These titles are indeed political gestures expressed with the artist's poetry that allows us to glimpse other possibilities and other realities from what is given to us as food. The rules of man are not the rules of humans.

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